Dating A Royal

It’s happens every couple of months, I get obsessed with a particular color and want to incorporate it into everything from my wardrobe to my home decor. Right now I can’t get enough of Cobalt Blue (probably influenced from the high I still have from the royal wedding and that my sister is studying abroad this summer in Greece). For a few weeks I have been searching for a blue dress within budget, yet to find one but Reese Witherspoon and Eva Mendes (both in Stella McCartney) and Emma Roberts (in Michael Kors) make stunning appearances in theirs. I was able to get a quick fix when I got a pedicure this weekend and found the OPI color Dating A Royal (immediately ran to the beauty supply store afterwards to make sure I had the color for home). While on my search for a dress, accessories are acting as a quick fix. I picked up the shoes below from H&M for only $34.95!


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