Farmer’s Market Essentials

I’m so excited to finally make it to the farmer’s market this morning! I put air in my bike tires, a stop at Starbucks (hence the new mug holder added to the bike) and I’m on my way! On the shopping list is items to make pickled vegetables. I received the Food in Jars book for my birthday and I’ve been dying to test out some of the recipes.
Farmer's Market Essentials

Coconut Oil Hair Treatmeat

My rockin hairstylist, Jenny Strebe, has the most amazing hair blog, any hair style you want to see, just ask and she will teach you!  Now she is doing hair tutorials on her own YouTube Channel too, subscribe at:

In her latest video I got to be the hair model (P.S. I’m no model) for a Coconut Oil Home Remedy, check it out below. She is so ridiculously talented it kills me…