5-Minute Soft Curl Tutorial

Ask and you shall receive. Thank you for the comments on the YouTube channel, here is a new hair tutorial!



  • AFTER  you blow dry your hair:
    1. Separate your hair into sections.
    2. Style Sexy Hair 450 Headset Head Defense – Spray onto hair right before curling.
    3. Using a 1 inch iron by Hot Tools, grab a section of hair (about 1-2 inches thick) and position the curling iron an inch away from the roots, curl and leave the ends free (don’t curl about .5-1 inch of hair at the end). Continue this around the entire head, curling the hair in the same direction.
    4. When done curling, finish with Style Sexy Hair Spray Clay to create texture and separation.

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My Daily 10 Minute Makeup Routine

Here is another viewer request! I got asked what makeup I wear on a daily basis, so this week’s video I run you through my favorite products. I swear this routine only takes me 10 minutes to do. Links to the products are below or you can check out my collection on Luvocracy where I curated all the products for you to easily purchase.


Here is a full list of the products I use:


Face, Eyes & Lips:

Fun Tools:


DIY Leopard Nails

I decided to add a video tutorial to my original post from almost a year ago since I got a bunch of inquires on how to do this nail art. Share your photos of how yours turned out by posting on Instagram and tagging @likehearted!



I’m a sucker for anything leopard hence the diy nail art.

My winning combo for any manicure is Essie First Base Base Coat, Essie or OPI nail polish and Seche Vite Top Coat.

For this look I used OPI nail polish in San Tan-Tonio as the base color and made the leopard spots with Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in Black.

Tip: Make sure each layer of polish is completely dry before adding the next layer. Especially after the you paint the spots, make sure they are completely dry before adding the top coat.

Summer Essential: Coral Lips

It’s hot in Arizona, I mean REALLY hot, so when it comes to a beauty regime for the summer the theme is “less is more.” I’m talking tinted moisturizer, waterproof mascara, a bold lip color (that’s it). For the summer, I like to tone down the traditional red lip and go for more of a coral shade. I can’t live without the Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Red Square. It’s the perfect bright orange red, plus it’s rich with pigment, long lasting, moisturizing and no lip liner is needed.

Go bold like Jessica Alba with a liquid lipstick, or get just a wash of color by using a gloss or balm. Check out my tutorial on how to keep the lipstick lasting all day.

Top Row:

Nars Lipstick in Heat Wave, Buxom Full Bodied Lipstick in Rogue, Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Riviera (this is the color Jessica Alba is wearing)

Bottom Row:

Nars Gloss in Wonder, Bite High Pigment Matte Pencil in Zinfandel, Korres Lip Butter in Mango

Jessica-Alba-at-Golden-Globesimage via imabeautygeek

Amber Heard Coral Lipsimage via vogue uk

alexa chung

nikki reed

On the runway

DIY Beauty Products – Lip Scrub, Beach Hair Spray and Bath Salts

In honor of Earth Day, here are some easy, natural, inexpensive beauty products that you can create with ingredients you probably already have around your home. What better way could there be to prep your skin and hair for the warmer seasons ahead? Also, check out the video below to get ideas on how to make these products into gifts.

Lip Scrub: 2 Tbs brown sugar + 1 tbs honey + 1 tbs olive oil + 1 tbs coconut oil

Directions: Mix together all ingredients in a small bowl. Apply a pea size portion to your lips and rub gently with your index finger. Rinse with warm water. Great prep before you apply a red lip!

Beach Hair Spray: 1 cup warm water+ 1 Tbs sea salt + 1 tbs hair gel + 1 tbs coconut oil

Directions: Mix all ingredients in measuring cup, pour into spray bottle, shake and spray generously onto hair. Tip: You may need to melt the coconut oil in order to get it to mix with the other ingredients. Place jar of coconut oil into bowl of hot water to get it to soften.

Lavender Bath Salts: 4 cups of Epson salt + 1/3 cup of dry milk + 5 drops of lavender oil

Directions: Mix all ingredients together in jar.


3 Minutes to the Perfect False Eyelashes

Anyone else watch the Academy Country Music awards last night? Carrie Underwood’s makeup that she wore during her performance was perfection, classic red lips with big full lashes. As part of my Beauty Series, I’m excited to show you how you can get the perfect false eyelashes in just 3 minutes, pair this with the red lips and winged eyeliner tutorial to recreate Carrie’s look.

I love using the individual lashes, especially if you are a beginner they are easier to apply. For my look I used the Eylure Individual Lashes Combo Pack – 3 medium length lashes in the outer corners and 2 small length lashes in the middle (like the Jessica Alba picture).

Tip: If you have rounder eyes like me, focus the lashes on the outer corners to create length. If you have more almond shape eyes, place in the center, to create openness.


Carrie Underwood at the ACMs


Jessica Alba

Products I used (cost $8):


  • Tweezers


  1. Apply your eyeliner and one coat of mascara. Avoid using waterproof mascara, it tries to quickly.

  2. Add drop of eyelash adhesive to back of hand and wait 2 full minutes for it to become tacky.

  3. With tweezers pick up lashes (pulling away from you), dab it into glue and apply along lash line. The lashes should sit on top of your natural lashes.

  4. Wait for lashes to dry and add finishing coat of mascara (if needed), this would be a good time to apply a layer of waterproof mascara.

If you want to see how to apply full set of lashes, leave a comment below and we can work that into an upcoming video shoot!

Long Lasting Red Lips & Winged Eye Liner

Mad Men has a new season premiering this Sunday and I couldn’t be more excited! It inspired me to do a series on beauty classics – red lips and winged eye liner. Red lips never go out of style but this season it’s all about a matte finish (just like how Christina Hendricks and Adele are wearing it). Also, try complementing the lip color with a red nail color that is 1 or 2 shades darker. Watch the video tutorial to learn how to keep those red lips lasting all night long.

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Christina Henricks Red LipsJessica Red Lipsadele-grammy-g-sum_2137417b

Steps for Winged Eye Liner:

  1. Start in the middle of the lid and draw your line to your outer corner. I did more of a subtle look, but you can extend the line out further for a more dramatic winged eyeliner.

  2. Re-apply product to brush, starting the middle again and working your way to the inner corner.

  3. Curl lashes and finish with coat of mascara.


  • Make sure your elbow is on a steady surface.

  • Use a dashing method to draw the line and fill in the spots as you go.

  • Don’t start on the inner corner, you don’t know how much product is on the brush.


Steps for Long-Lasting Red Lips:

  1. Fill in entire lips with liner.

  2. Apply lipstick, pressing it into the lip, blend with a brush.

  3. Blot with tissue.

  4. Apply another layer of lipstick, pressing it into the lip.

  5. Lightly dust on transparent powder (I used MAC’s translucent powder)

  6. Apply another layer of lipstick and use liner to sharpen edges.


  • Prep lips with a scrub, apply lip balm and let it set, do your normal foundation rountine, then wipe away excess lip balm before doing the steps above.
  • Skip steps 5-8 if using a long lasting lipstick like Covergirl lipperfection.

  • Add blush after you have applied the red lipstick.
  • Add false lashes to finish the look.

Products I used:

Inexpensive Alternatives (all for under $20):


Beauty Essentials {Tools}

I use to be a Freelance Makeup Artist in college working for Paula Dorf and Chanel but haven’t really worked on other people since then. I recently got asked to revive my skills for my college roommate’s wedding. I tackled 8 of the beautiful bridesmaids pictured below (photo via the insanely talented Melissa Young Photography). I have another wedding lined up in 2 weeks and wanted to share the tools I can’t live without in order to complete a flawless finish.


  1. Chanel Foundation Brush
  2. BeautyBlender
  3. ELF Stipple Brush
  4. Paula Dorf Blush Brush
  5. MAC 184
  6. MAC 224


  1. Paula Dorf Sheer Crease
  2. MAC 217
  3. ELF Contour Brush (new favorite and only $3!)
  4. Bobbi Brown Ultra Fine Eye Liner

BridesmaidsPhoto via Melissa Young Photography